There is eczema and then there is face eczema. Most eczema sufferers who have it on the elbows, feet and other parts of the body can cover it up. Suffering eczema on the face had been my fate until I got eczema free forever and thankfully, my life has now changed forever, if you think that eczema on the elbows is bad, you have never had it on the face. It is many times worse and it is something that you never want to deal with. It stands out and what makes it even worse is the stares, the sympathy and the unbelief on the faces of people who see you.


Source: HealthLine

I had thought that all alternative medicine, home remedies and so on was quack, until I found a testimonial on the internet about someone who had treated their kid’s eczema without using any lotions or creams. And I thought like; let me see some more of this. It was then that I learned about Rachel Anderson and the pain she had gone through as a child when everyone thought she was suffering abuse at home. I felt like she was describing me and at last I thought that here was someone who knew exactly what I was going through. The problem with many lotions and creams in the market is that they are formulated by people who have never had an encounter with eczema. Eczema does not kill, but it does something worse. It turns you into a social pariah. That is why I feel that I owe my life to eczema free forever.

When you are sick, you want to believe everything that you hear. You will want to try out anything and that is what I did. I paid for the guide and downloaded it into my PC and after reading the first few pages I decided that since it did not advocate trying out any more creams and lotions, then it was worth trying out. I guess that the thought of flawless face skin was too overwhelming. Now, several months down the line, with skin as good as a baby’s, all the itching and scratching gone for good, I have decided to make the eczema free forever my companion for good. It is amazing that for a very low cost, I am now healed and to think of all the money I had spent on useless creams.

No salves, no creams and no lotions, and I still find it hard to believe that that is me on the Eczema Free Forever, with a grin stretching from ear to ear. I would go through the whole diet and detox treatment all over again, even for fun. I hear that it also works for kids and if I had a kid who suffered eczema, I would try it out. The 100% money back guarantee made me sure that I was getting quality advice. They said that if eczema free forever did not work for me within 60 days, I could return it and get my money back, all of it. Gives one a good feeling and I am sure I want to keep mine forever.